"The dance is a way that immerses you in another culture, a thread that connects you from the heart to the rest of the universe, perceiving so there are infinite ways to express and communicate".

At the age of six years she began with the study of music, obtaining  her music degree  specializing  in horn; while completing her Diploma in Teaching in Music Education.

It was through the study of music history studied at the Conservatory when she  became interested in Middle Eastern  countries and the Mediterranean, investigating not only its musical compositions but also its environment and folk dances.


Bellydance training

From his 16 years started getting funky jazz dance classes and ballroom dancing .

It was in 2000 when she met Tasnim, teacher and professional bellydancer, from this time she fell in love with belly dancing and immersed in its study.

She began taking intensive courses in Spain with great teachers as: Shokry Mohammed, Eva Chacon, Nesma, Amir Thaleb, Saida, Amar Gamal Jillina among many others.

Later she made her first trip to Egypt (2005), Turkey (2006), Lebanon (2008, 2011), Kuwait (2010), where she learned and deepened in different styles.

Her training comes from the great masters of raqs sharky as:

Mahmoud Reda, Shokry Mohammed, Mo Gedawy, Nagwa Fouad, Farida Fahmy, Aida Nour, Kamal Naim, Randa Kamel, Soraya Zaied, Alaa el Din Youssef, Munique Neith, Aziza, Tito Sheif, Zaza Hassan, Jillina, Amar Gamal, Saida, Amir Thaleb and so on.


Participation in oriental dance festivals

She has participated in consecutive years in “Almée Festival” in Italy, Novara, 2009-2011

Riccione Festival 2008 and 2009, Italy.

Cairo Ahlan wa Sahlan in 2009, Egypt

Festival Rosadela bellydance 2010, Valencia, Spain.

Beshk Hesh Festival, in Venice, 2010, Italy

Festival Ya salam (Francesca Cucumazzo), 2011, Bari, Italy.


Oriental Dance Festival Organized

– Munique Neith Festival, with Hanan Hadiqat, 2005

– Modi (Caracalla dancer, ballet dabke), 2010

She has performed in various cities in Spain: Valencia, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and abroad: Lebanon, Egypt, Italy and Portugal.

Veronica is also fluent in several languages​​, English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Arabic.

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