Bienvenidos al Festival Asalia. Evento que tendrá lugar el 21 y 22 de Octubre.


 El evento constará por una parte de talleres con los grandes maestros invitados, así como una Gala y una competición.

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Bienvenidos, del 18 al 20 de Febrero tendrá lugar el Festival ya Salam en Milán.

East and West … apparently two distant worlds who find a magical connection to the ancient land of Apulia.

Following on this idea the dancing teacher Francesca Shaira Cucumazzo together with the cultural association “Al Nour” built the project of this festival which saw the first edition in Bari on 7-8-9 October 2011.

Three days of full immersion in the culture full of mystery and charm of the Arab countries and the Middle East, from music to dance, from the culinary to the beauty traditions!

Three days of fun, sounds, colors and enchanted scents …

The city of MILANO is pleased to host the FORTH edition of the festival in Lombardia!












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